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Numerology and Disease

Stress affects our mind, and our mind affects our body. Extreme stress leads to changes in our body chemistry and alters our mental, physical and energy levels. The result is psycho somatic illnesses. Using numerology we can calculate our stress numbers. If we know this stress number we will be able to avoid major obstacles and illnesses. Stress number gives us a clue to the part of our body subjected to dis ease. It also prevents us from making repeated mistakes. Stress numbers delay our progress and drain our energy.

If the stress numbers appear constantly in our lives, it is a sign of up coming disturbances or something we are already going through. If we live in a house which is equal to our stress number we will not be able to experience peace of mind. Let`s say your unit number is 13-42, we add all the digits together till we derive at a single digit.  1+3+4+2=10 and again we add 1+0= 1. The final digit of our house unit number is 1. If 1 is your stress number (calculations shown below) you will experience mental stress in the home. If 2 is your stress number mind will not be at rest causing frequent worries.

Calculation of stress number

There are 4 steps involved in this calculation. Example of date of Birth: November 19 1966. We make all the digits into singular digit by adding it, till it becomes a singular digit. The month November is 11 thus 1+1=2. The date 19 will become 1+9=10 adding again it becomes 1+0=1, the year 1966 becomes 1+9+6+6=22 adding it again it is 2+2=4.

Thus we have 3 sets of single digits from your birthdate. They are 2, 1 and 4. Write the digits in order of month date and year.

Step 1
Minus the month from the date, from the above example 2-1= 1, Write 1 below 2 and 1 as shown below. We call it A

Step 2
Minus the date from the year ( 1-4 = 3 ) and write it below 1 and 4.  Does not matter the whether it is -3 or +3 just write 3. We call it B

Now minus A from B, that is 1-3 = 2, Write it below A and B we call it  C.

Step 4
Now minus the month and the year, and write it below C. 2 - 4 =2 and call it D.

Below is an example:

                2                 1               4                  

                       1(A)       3(B)



C is the Major stress number the others are minor stress numbers.

Pay more attention to `C` as it plays an important part throughout our life. Once the lessons are learned we will be able to neutralize the negative effects of the stress numbers

Meaning of Stress Numbers

Stress no.1 –

Stress of the individual’s self respect. Need to develop strong will power, strengthen character and courage. Bossed or held down by others.

Physical ailments

Headache                                        Heart and Upper Abdomen

Stress                                           Lungs

Sinus                                            Weak eyes

Glaucoma                                       Over exertion

Circulatory Problem                   Sun stroke

Stress no. 2

Stress of the individual’s personal sensitivity. Need to develop confidence. Very sensitive and easily hurt. Must learn to forgive and forget.

Physical Ailments

Diabetes                                      Urinary Tract Infections

Fevers                                        Throat Problems

Foot Problems                              Poor Blood Circulation

Hair Loss                                     Liver spots

Sleeplessness                               Mental Worries

Asthmatic Troubles

Stress no. 3

Stress of the individual’s  communication skills, imagination focusing power. Avoid scattering of talents, learn to concentrate. Learn to express you feelings. Avoid speaking unnecessarily or indulge in too much gossip.

Physical Ailments

 Addictions                                       Insanity

Fear                                             Throat

Gas Pains                                        Paralysis

Blood Pressure High/Low                Chest and Lung Disorders

Migraine                                          Sudden Fever


Stress no. 4
Stress of the individual’s attention to traditions, organizational skills and being practical. Learn to be systematic, orderly and punctual. Inclination to laziness and stubbornness. Avoid procrastination.

Physical Ailments

Cataract                                          Rickets

Hypoglycemia                                   Shoulder Problems

Jaundice                                         Teeth

Blood Problems                                Respiratory is usually weak

Cyst                                              Knees

Gas Pains

Stress no. 5
Stress to the individual’s understanding of freedom, responsibility and sexual impulse.Avoid being impulsive. Learn to change with wisdom, not to satis your senses. Accept responsibilities.

Physical Ailments

Abortions                                            Temper Tantrums

Accidents                                             Obesity

Brain Tumor                                          Ulcer

Drug Problems                                        Nervousness

Kidney Problem                                       Neck

Stomach disorders                              

Stress no.6
Stress of individual’s understanding of responsibility in relationships. Avoid being domineering and meddlesome. Avoid quarreling with anyone who disagrees with your rules. Learn to respect others opinion.

Physical Disorders

Drug Problems                                         Tumor

Gum Problems                                         Sinus

Hip Problems                                          Asthma

Hypertension                                           Heart Palpitation



Stomach Ulcers

Stress no. 7
Stress of individual’s  ability to have faith in himself and to accept mundane activities. Avoid being rebellious. This can be a difficult challenge to bear, and brings a lot of test and repression. Learn to attract faith instead of fear.

 Physical Disorders.

Addiction                                                Tumors

Alcoholic                                                 Menstrual Problems

Allergies                                                 Varicose Vain

Depression                                              Worry

Smoking                                                 Skin problems

Stroke                                                    Leg Problems


Stress no.8
Stress due to understanding the real value and purpose of money and power. Avoid personal freedom based on material possessions. You could attract fear and loss. Learn to see wealth is limitless and belongs to everyone.

Physical Disorders

 Addiction                                                                                               Varicose Veins

Alcoholism                                             Indigestion

Asthma                                                  Numbness

Cancer                                                   Strokes

Eye Problems                                        Loneliness

Herpes                                                   Fainting

Tendency to receive wrong treatment

Stress no. 0
Stress due to individual’s understanding of humanity, feelings of love, compassion and emotions. You are an old soul, carrying with you all your experiences from past lifes. Learn to use your knowledge and talents within you through meditation to solve all your obstacles in life.

Physical Disorders

 Back Problems                            Lung Problem

Eye Problems                              Pneumonia

Gout                                         Warts

Heart failures                       Accident prone if born on 9, 18 or 27th of any month



The stress numbers can be overcomed once the lessons are learned. If your date of birth adds up to your stress number pay more attention and learn the lessons. If your name or signature adds up to your stress number then the chances of you getting the ailments are very high. Please change your name or signature to other lucky number. May you be blessed with a stress free life.

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